Monday, July 24, 2006

365 days to be great

It's my birthday today...and I'm feel no different today than I am yesterday, or last week. Am I the same today than I was a year ago? Not necessarily. I dont think I've changed much than I was five years, or even ten years ago. I still enjoy watching cartoons, reading comics, fooling around, or even doing stuff some conservative society members deemed too old for people my age. No change whatsoever? That is an impossibility. of course there are changes! Mental. Views. Opinion. Approaches.
In these past weeks what really strike me was how people behave and react to things that happen around them, each other. Generally I talk to everybody, if that's not the immediate option then it's the non-obligatory smiles, greetings, and the odd eyebrow-raising or winks. I try not to belong in cliques, but being human and it is normal for us to stay within our comfort zones, there are a few people that I am close to. Anyhow, there were few events that showed me that people can be extemely selfish, extremely stubborn...just extemely extreme when it comes to themselves. Being an adult - educated adults nonetheless doesn;t make you wise. Toleration and acceptance of changes don't seep into the spines of these people. What is important is the fact that they will get what they want, at their terms no matter what the cost or who they offend along the way. What I saw will definately alter my perception of them. It taught me how to handle them. But it won't change my perceptionof people. I wont isolate certain people just because they insult any one of my friends. I think I dont talk badly about people,...comment a little about them maybe (not doing so, even the tiniest bit, is not human), especially when I don't understand why a person has to behave a certain way to get what they want. Nope. I trust most people wont. I'm a bit of a softie too. But what had passed changed the way I approach and treat some people. That can't be helped - they're the ones that changed my views of them. However, it is one of my mission to not misjudge people no matter what...Let's see if I am able to do so within this year...
Seeing it's my birthday, the obligatory questions of (1) What do I wish for?, and (2) What are your resolution, are in order...So, here goes:
Wish list:
World peace (seriously, I am not taking the piss);
Toleration - among people, between generations, race, countries - you know they go both ways;
Co-operation - especially among my colleagues;
A multi-function current-cool-gadget-cellphone (mine is two years old, though I live it to bits!)
A Creative Zen Vision W (I'm a gadget munkey - sponsors anyone?!)

Resolution: I'll make it up as I go along,...I forget and make new one easily!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

...and she returns

it's been hard, having thoughts and things to say but not having the outlet to express them except for the random rabid urge of ranting to myself making me look like a mad woman. having too much time but with nothing to do can actually take a toll on a person, can make you weary. strange...i know, i didn't even think that it was possible.

what's this all about then?...i live and work in an area that is a little late in the "accessibility" of things new and technological. we're not that remote or that rural, but the delay in almost anything is mind boggling. the school i'm working at has have broadband access for almost year now...but in the first few months there were technical gliches, so that was acceptable. that was something forgiveable, it's not something that we mere mortals can do about. after a while the access got better, but the thing is, bereucracy got the better of us (or rather the administratives). they decided it is better to give a limited access in order to protect the school's system and what not. the thing is, nobody can do anything...AT ALL! it doesnt matter that though it's supposed to be broadband but the connection is slower than a dial-up in a depression, no, it's a straight forward looking-at-the- first- two- pages- of-any-site!!! and we STILL get infected by virus! which resulting all the computers in the college and any removeable drive you connect the computers to, which led to a time none can access to as they need to reformat ALL the 'puters...(include protests from people here)...anyway, to cut a long arduous strory short...about a week ago they decided.."what the heck! give them all the access! do whatever they want! we dont care, the speed is crap anyway!"....but you know what?...the speed and connection got better the very same week. just the luck...

so, as they say, here i am dah-lings...