Monday, March 19, 2007

of friends and ...

i found out a couple of days ago that a close friend here is getting transfered. she only applied for it a couple weeks back after she found out the supposed person for the job didn't turn up. she swooped in, and she got what she wants...i am happy for her, tho cant help but feel a little "mweh...", cant actually describe it, but hey, i guess you know.

two major events happen these past weeks. i get to hang with some friends,...and get to meet with some old-old friends as well. both things were great! we didnt have a proper hang session, but the bits of time when we're able to brings back memories. some people change , but it seems not much, apparently. heard stuff about them, that happened to them, things that they're going to do, places they're gave me an avenue to's been a while, a lot of things had happen, been achieved...people change but not much...most things that i saw, is that as we get older, we get more focussed...priorities are set...those are the biggest changes, but deep down, we are very much the same we were when we were still trying to look 'cool'...if before you're chasing your dream in becoming a rockstar, then you might still chasing it, OR you already are a rock star and is living the life, and focusing so that you still are and will still be years and years to come...

the new light of life

some people are saying that i'm happy where i am, that i'm contented, that's why i'm not going anywhere...when in fact, i'm dying to get out. it's not like i've never said it to anyone before, in fact the whole place knows!!! think that i'm going to say it at any chance i get everyday. anyhoo, the reason i'm saying this is because, coming back from the week-long holiday i get to pass by the new site, the placement that i want to go to (two hours from home, and hour from KL, and good damn 6 hours from this bloody place!!!)...there were rumours before saying that it wasnt going to be built, or that the site was taken over by a much larger, powerful and purposeful company. never had a 10 minutes drive been so wonderful than the drive along the new site...seeing it has brought a new sense of happiness and purpose for me (seriously, i'm not over-exagerating it). i cant wait for it to be completed and a letter coming in this time next year (hopefully!) telling me to move my arse and stuff to that wonderfully hillside respond to why didnt i get the move when they expected it?...well, obviously because the new placement is still being built, duh!...(although i suspect that some are wishing that i'd buggered off this god forsaken place, at least to have a little peace and quiet...)

shock of life

found out that a former student - who is only twenty-two - is married and has a child. i dont mind, i mean he was mature beyond his years, but damn! some of his other teachers are not married (including moi), or married but no children, or just got themselves bloody pregnant! (one or two has a child the same age as his son, or even younger)...that's the latest watering-hole gossip anyway!