Friday, September 14, 2007

people just wont change.

so, a few weeks ago i had a new housemate. i got along with her just fine - though it's quite difficult to keep quiet coz she likes to talk (funny, she doesnt look like a talker at work). but this is not about her.

i have this colleague, who when we just started work became one of my close friends. the had a fall-out because she thinks i am not a good friend because i dont want to hang with her all the time. the fact that i like to be friends with a lot of people is an annoyance to her. she wants me to just hang with her, and not anyone else (yeah! creepy!) but at least she's the one who decided to end it, apparently hoping that i'd be miserable...which i didnt, coz i get to hang with other people.

so anyway, after a few years she got married. i was hoping that she'd change coz by now she had basically pissed and alienated almost three quater of the female workstaff here. why i say this? well, i got a friend who has a theory saying that single girls are pissed with the world until she got married and got some...then, they'll change and mellow out. is the theory proven? no, this lady manage to prove my friend wrong! then she got pregnant, but to some people she didnt admit it. later, you know what, maybe it's karma, maybe it's god's will saying 'since you're saying that you're not pregnant eventhough you are, then i'm going to take it back', she had a miscarriage. i know it's a bad thing, but some people here said that she had it coming. me? i didnt have any feelings towards her, yes, even sympathy. when she came back she changed. she smiled to everyone, talked to everyone and became friendly to everybody. and everybody is happy to be friends with her, hoping that she'd changed for good...and also because people here have grown-up a bit

then a couple of days ago my new housemate and i chatted during dinner and we were talking about the girl who used to be my housemate but moved out because she wants to live on her own. and my new housemate told me that this friend -who had changed fore the better? - told her to be careful with me as i am very er, vicious...and apparently i once got rabid and threw a broom at the girl - i think i got angry, i think i was actually seething but somehow i wasn't surprise it coming from her.

the next day i got some of the gangs together and ask if the former housemate had told them if i really had thrown a broom at her, just in case i have a selective memory or that i've became rabid and INSANE and threw a broom at someone. but they say they didnt know anything, i even ask a close friend of the girl if she told them, because to me, if anybody threw a broom at me,'s a pretty big deal, i'm surprised if that person is still alive after that! - but then, that's just me. the close friend said NO. so i went to see the girl herself and ask, SHOCK HORROR! she said the incident never happen, and she is surprise and wondered why i even ask, and what happen - again just in case i got crazy. tempted though i was to tell her, i somehow still have the common sense (or not) to resist it.

some people will never change, they just get to a new level of low.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thrown out the window

is the resolution i made earlier this year to have a more often blog entries. in a way compared to last i year at least i have almost once a month entries, but then again i should be a bit more of an enthusiastic blogger...

the thing is i thought i was going to have less responsibilities this year, but it's exactly the opposite because though am not given 'formal' responsibilities i ended up being the one to have to do everything as the others (so-called) dont understand how to

i also noticed that this blog has become a whine-fest.

which i didnt aim it to be

i better shut up now.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

an unending pile of

marking. yesterday the students finished their trial exam papers. i just finished their pre-trial papers a few days between i utilised my time marking their homeworks. my workstation looks like a fort. oh the joy of being a working adult! can't wait for the holidays in er, three months time. in the mean time...