Saturday, December 29, 2007

it's the end as we know it!

the holiday i mean...and the year 2007.

the month long hol had been pretty uneventful, on account of me not doing anything. mainly due to me being a lazy biatch, not having the extra mullah to consider 'disposable income' and me being the usual angry with the world type person. but mainly because i'm a lazy biatch. cant blame me for being lazy and deciding that i want this month-long-holiday to be just that, a holiday from the rest of the normal working routine. because i'm going back to it again the second day into the new year.

no resolution whatsoever. except the usual make/save more money. i'm really going to work on it, as the 2007 year life programme had been the total opposite from the original idea...oh, and to eat healthier..i mean no amount of swimming will make it if i keep going back to munching cheese from the fridge as soon as i get out...and probably become less meaner...fudge! looks like a resolution to me...ah well...

that's it i guess. this is probably going to be the last entry for 2007, unless of course i get struck by the blogging bug again before the year ends. will definitely spending the new year's day in the car on the eight hour journey back to where i work (dreading it already...)

right. i'm going back to crawl under the blanket. happy new year people!