Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Things

(look at the teeny-tiny soaring eagle and the sea-spray the boat made - click on the picture to enlarge it)

In order to make me write more often I'm going to start posting three things that I like or make me happy every..............fortnight. I'm inspired by Emily, where she would post about five things every week. However compared to her, I think mine is less exciting and I don't have much going on every day.

Anyway, I went for a creative writing course last week by the organisation I work with. It was held on an island in the north of the country and one day of the course we went on a jungle trekking trip - for inspiration and such. It was a three hour trek (climbing four hills!) but the way back was with a boat, which was hugely welcomed by everyone...I didn't take any photos during the trek, I forgot...I think I was busy trying to breathe and walk. I'll try to ask from my friends.

(books bought at a bargain bookshop at more than half off)

(the light reflection from the glass and water that distracted me in class)

hopefully I'll get to have more postings like this...definitely every fortnight, once a week if I have anything interesting....i'll try not to make it once a month (or two...). fingers crossed!