Friday, May 18, 2012

it's been a long time

hello there!

it seemed no matter what i promised myself or what things i'd suggest myself to do to make sure that i blog regularly, i just can't bring myself to.

it's true what i said in the previous post. that i have so many things to share and publish. somehow though, when it comes to crunch time, i just couldn't be bothered. believe it or not i even encouraged a few friends to blog! but i myself don't do it. i got a few things written down in my traditional notebook that i'm hoping of publishing. God willing i'll be able to do that soon.

updates...where should i start first? it's almost been half a year. let's start where i last post an entry.

in the previous post there was a mention that i went for a jungle trekking trip. what i never said before was the fact that my legs, specifically my knees are not strong. it goes back when i was at school when i dislocated my left knee during sports - being young and reckless, i got back to doing sports as soon as the knee healed a couple of weeks later. a few years later, after i started work, i was still doing some sports, this time a spot of coaching, and somehow during practice i dislocated the same knee. again, being young and having an extremely high pain treshold i put my knee back in place and grin and bear with it. after a few days it was gone, though this time i dare not be so reckless. fast-forward to about seven years later, somehow i got into another trouble by dislocating my right knee. this time it was so painful (it went from front to back, not left to right) and i had trouble climbing the stairs - especially troublesome if your flat is in the second (british) floor and you work in a hilly-multi-terraced area. i went back to my hometown, went to see my dad's friend - a malay martial arts guru and traditional malay physioterapist - to fix my knee. he also had a look at my other knee and said that my left knee is going to give me more trouble, and told me to be careful and take things easy. again fast-forward to the jungle trekking last year - it was not a 'taking easy' activity! and as a result, it gave me more trouble. both my knee crackle and pop whenever i walk. if i am a pirate, i would be one of those who can predict how severe a storm can be by the stinging in my knee. because of that, i decided to finally go and see an orthopedist. to cut a long story short, i now have a bi-monthly session with my orthopedist, next month would be with the ortho surgeon, and a weekly session with a physiotherapist - whom i see literally pulls and pushes my legs around like they are chicken legs ready to be marinated for a bbq in the weekend. so, i'm healing slowly and nicely, but there is still the anxiety when i'll see the specialist next time. *sigh*

other than that, there's nothing much. i went to a few more courses, but nothing as adventurous as the writing course. equally or even more fun yes, but that's down to the company i have and what the course was all about. for a while now i think i probably have burnt out work wise - so many things to do, and so little time. i am hoping that in a couple of weeks time we'll have the two week semester break and i'll get to use the time to recharge and reorganize bit of life that needed to be sorted.

 in the mean time, here's some photos i found on the net to give you some sort of ideas of what the physiotherapist does - trust me, they help me a lot, so if you have any pain in your legs or back go and have them check. it will help you a lot!